WIFI XtraBoost

Stronger connection
Faster download/upload speeds
Stable and reliable
Works from any part of your home
Easy installation
Eliminates ‘dead zones’
WPS Function

Main features

No one likes struggling with their Wi-Fi connection. Especially if it has become a constant issue, where your computer freezes mid-movie, you can barely participate in a video chat, or simply can't load a single page. In times like these, many people turn to their internet service provider to find the fault in their Wi-Fi connection, and the solution they get is to pay extra and upgrade their internet plan. Naturally, no one wants to increase their monthly expenses, and that's why Wi-Fi boosters became a thing. WiFi XtraBoost is one of the finest devices of this kind. Here’s why – it provides you with a stronger, faster, and more reliable internet connection at any corner of your house without extra pay. Immediately after connecting WiFi XtraBoost, you will be able to surf the internet smoothly and without interruptions, as it boosts upload and download speeds and eliminates Wi-Fi "dead zones." Wi-Fi XtraBoost is one of the best quality Wi-Fi range extenders we were able to find. One can’t help but notice how quickly WiFi XtraBoost changes the game – all it takes is a three-step installation, and you'll forget about your internet connection struggles. And that's only a few of the many reasons why people praise WiFi XtraBoost!

Compatibility and Design

Another virtue of WiFi XtraBoost is that it is universal. This tiny device is compatible with any Wi-Fi router, phone, laptop, or tablet – anything for your utmost convenience. Thanks to that, you’ll no longer need to worry about compatibility issues and whether WiFi XtraBoost will work with your gadgets. Furthermore, it has a very sleek and eye-pleasing design with a modern touch. It fits in any interior and doesn’t stand out as it is a mini plug-in device without external antennas. Everyone agrees that WiFi XtraBoost’s non-bulky look contributes significantly to its charm. Great power, versatility, and appropriate design? To cram all of these things into one tiny device is an achievement in itself!

Ease of use

Even the least tech-savvy individuals manage to use WiFi XtraBoost with no problem. All it takes is three simple steps to get WiFi XtraBoost started. First of all, you have to plug the device into any outlet in your house. Pro tip: it would be even better if you plugged WiFi XtraBoost about halfway in between the router and the "dead zone." Then you have to connect WiFi XtraBoost to your existing Wi-Fi router, and all is left is to enjoy fast internet in every corner of your house! Some may question how exactly does WiFi XtraBoost work. Well, this device is an advanced Wi-Fi router and an amplifier in one box. It receives your already existing Wi-Fi signal, doubles the range at higher frequencies, and then distributes that stronger and faster signal around your house. No magic here!


Being reliable and powerful, WiFi XtraBoost is a highly-coveted device worldwide. One would even think to himself that it must cost a fortune. Well, here’s a lovely surprise – WiFi XtraBoost doesn't cost an arm and a leg. In fact, it is a fraction of the cost you would normally pay if you upgraded your internet plan. In other words, WiFi XtraBoost is a one-time investment that will pay off in a matter of months! What's even better is that they often run different promotions on their official website so that you can get yourself this exquisite device at a reduced price. Truly a bargain of a deal!