Netgear EX6120

Dual-band patented technology
Great for streaming/gaming
Universal compatibility
Secure connection
Discreet design
International shipping

Main features

It is annoying when you must deal with a poor internet connection, especially when working from home. Having to download multiple files using a terrible connection takes ages! Therefore, if you're tired of dealing with this never-ending issue, you could always try the Netgear EX6120 – a powerful WiFi-Booster. This device delivers up to 1200Mbps wireless speed improving your internet connection and delivering HD quality streaming as well as gaming. It also maintained a dual band and patented FastLane (TM) technology for smoother and faster internet connection. Not to forget, the Netgear EX6120 device has quite a discreet wall-plug design. Its hard to notice design would never get in the way as it will stay plugged in the wall, simultaneously delivering a solid internet connection. This Wi-Fi booster also carries external antennas for a better connection performance. Therefore, you don't ever have to worry about poorly working internet.

Finally, Netgear EX6120 is one of the safest Wi-Fi boosters. It is supported by WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols that would always protect your network.

Compatibility and Design

Netgear EX6120 is great when it comes to connecting with other devices as it maintains universal compatibility. Hence, it efficiently works with a wireless router, cable modem, or gateway with a WiFi connection. What’s more, this WiFi booster extends your internet connection even up to 1500 sq. ft., so no matter where you’re in your home area, the internet connection will stay stable and fast. Netgear EX6120 is a great and highly effective middleman between your home internet router and your chosen devices. Plus, its subtle and discreet design with external antennas will definitely not get in the way.

Ease of use

This WiFi booster takes only a couple of minutes to set up. Simply connect your home router to this Netgear booster with one button press and then join your desired devices to the network. That’s it! For a smooth internet connection, set up the Netgear extension in the same room as your router. Moreover, due to the dual-band optimization, Netgear EX6120 reduces external interference and delivers maximum speed to your connected devices. Plus, it contains a wired Ethernet port for one wired device such as game consoles, streaming players, or any other devices using 10/100M port for ultimate speed.


Netgear EX6120 will fix your poor connection by boosting your WiFi and delivering excellent results such as quality streaming, faster downloads, and high-definition video streams. Plus, it will remove all ‘dead spots’ that might be, so you won’t have to worry about hidden corners of your house, which tend to struggle with good connection. Therefore, if you are looking for a WiFi booster that works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem, Netgear EX6120 could be a perfect choice for you.