Easy set-up
Works with any router
Can set individual Wi-Fi names
LAN port
Router and Extender apps included

Main features

Another excellent choice for improving internet connection is ASUS RP-AC55. This dual-band repeater delivers up to 1200Mbps speed. It is powered by the new 802.11ac chipset, providing a super-fast Wireless-AC internet connection – about 3 times faster than standard Wireless-N. Hence, with ASUS RP-AC55, ultra-fast and smooth streaming, downloading and browsing experience. What’s cool about this WiFi extender is that it functions in any building or house. So, forget about ‘dead zones’ as they will be instantly gone. To achieve the best ASUS performance, you could place the internet extender between the existing router and the area where it needs a better connection. And there’s more! ASUS RP-AC55 maintains 3-in-1 modes, meaning that it can be on a repeater mode, act as an access point (AP), or act as a media bridge.

Compatibility and Design

ASUS RP-AC55 functions with all WiFi routers, internet modems, and cable routers. So, you don't have to worry about whether your route will be compatible with this WiFi extender. Moreover, ASUS RP-AC55 comes with an AiMesh feature that connects multiple ASUS routers to create a 'whole home' network. Hence, if you have a couple of ASUS devices, this feature would be pretty useful. Plus, the AiMesh feature includes AirProtection, Adaptive QoS, and Parental Controls for your safer home network. Design-wise, ASUS RP-AC55 has a rather subtle exterior with two external antennas for more effective performance.

Ease of use

To set up this WiFi booster, you’ll need to use the WPS button on this device and your existing router for an automatic setup. For advanced usage, you can easily connect your laptop to the ASUS extender via an Ethernet cable. Moreover, ASUS RP-AC55 comes with its own mobile app where you can transfer your router’s login details and, in this way, share its information with the ASUS repeater. Here, ASUS mobile app will help you find the best location at your house for ASUS RP-AC55.


ASUS RP-AC55 internet extender is a decent choice for connection improvement and effectiveness. This product is ideal if you’re a fan of ASUS devices. This repeater comes with the AiMesh feature, which allows you to expand and create a network hub delivering ultra-fast and robust internet connection. Therefore, if you are looking for a Wi-Fi booster with a quick and secure setup, the ASUS RP-AC55 internet extender would be an excellent option for you.